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Image of Sapphire City - print

Sapphire City - print


The original painting (sold) was painted when the Portland Storage building had its name painted in HUGE letters. Now the same massive wall space is taken up by a variety of advertisements. Loosely painted using a reference photo from an extremely wet day in SE Portland.
The print is available in two sizes:
11.25" x 9", edition of 100, 1" border
25" x 20", edition of 10, 2" border
Free shipping within US

Image of Holgate Drench - giclee print
Holgate Drench - giclee print
Image of Naito Parkway no.5 - giclee print
Naito Parkway no.5 - giclee print
Image of Devil's Point - Giclee Print
Devil's Point - Giclee Print
Image of Calliope - giclee print
Calliope - giclee print
Image of Powell Paint - print Image of Powell Paint - print
Powell Paint - print
Image of SE Division Evening - print
SE Division Evening - print
Image of SE Milwaukie - print
SE Milwaukie - print
Image of Pearl Rain - print
Pearl Rain - print
Image of Levity - print
Levity - print
Image of Hawthorne - print
Hawthorne - print
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